The dissociated diet is a method of losing weight. It does not force you to eat only one food category for a certain amount of time. No deprivation, you can eat everything you want according to very specific rules. Find out more about the dissociated diet.

The basics of the dissociated diet

The dissociated diet is effective for weight loss. An easy-to-follow slimming method, it is based on the principle that each food eaten separately does not promote weight gain. You can therefore eat anything during your diet. However, it is important to separate foods into different categories. You should avoid eating them all at the same time during the meal. Meals with a high carbohydrate and protein content should be spaced 4 hours apart. Avoid eating carbohydrate-rich foods and protein-rich foods in one meal. Milk should not be eaten with other foods. Unrefined products are recommended. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is encouraged.

Per day or per week?

Different rules must be taken into account if you want to follow a dissociated diet to lose weight. Because of the separation of food consumption, the diet can be organised in two ways. You can apply the separate diet during the day or week. With daily dissociations, you choose one food category per meal. During the day, you eat three types of food. The dissociation is done according to the meals. By choosing the dissociated diet, you respect the food classes while eating according to your needs. For the dissociated weekly diet, you eat one food class per day. You eat a wide variety of foods per week.

An effective diet

The dissociated diet is excellent for rapid weight loss. Weight loss is visible after 1 month. You eat foods that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. The dissociated diet is a healthy way to lose excess weight. You eat as much as you want, respecting a food class at the time of each meal. Separating foods simplifies digestion. In fact, the combination of certain foods helps you gain weight. It promotes weight gain if the foods allowed in the separate diet are eaten together. It is therefore necessary to favour the dissociation of food to lose weight effectively. Different from the decried diets found on the internet, the brand offers programs that are effective over the long term, with light restrictions and personalized recipes.