Nutrition tips

What are the benefits of vegetable charcoal ?

Vegetable charcoal powder is beneficial to health, it is easily integrated into culinary preparations and helps to fight against intestinal pain, heartburn, stomach cramps, bloating and generally all gastric disorders. Vegetable charcoal also has a detoxifying effect on the body….

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Reducing meat consumption: what are the health benefits?

Nowadays, humans have become regular carnivores. On average, a person eats at least 125 g of meat per day. However, excessive consumption of meat has negative consequences on health. Therefore, to maintain good health, you will need to consume less…

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Focus on almond and its virtues: for the heart, slimness, brain…

Almonds are excellent for health, especially for the heart and brain. This nut helps to prevent certain serious illnesses including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Almonds provide the body with magnesium, vitamin E and B as well as many antioxidants. Eating…

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Diet and and nutrition coach

Following a diet is not an easy task. Especially when you lack motivation and don’t know where to start. It is with this in mind that many individuals call upon a nutrition coach. What is nutrition coaching? We often hear…

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Losing weight : how to find a good sports coach?

Excess weight is a significant problem. It alters our health capital. It is also at the origin of the loss of self-esteem following a degradation of appearance. To overcome overweight, rigorous and effective sports coaching is a necessity. To be…

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Natural probiotics: how to preserve the intestinal flora ?

Today’s diet often contains an excess of sugars, fats and animal proteins. Natural probiotics play a vital role in intestinal balance because they allow the body to function properly. It is important to consume dietary fibres and yoghurts because these…

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