After the holidays and vacations, most people feel very heavy inside, because of the excess of food ingested. For this reason, proposals are everywhere to purify, drain and detoxify the body: the detox diet.

The detox diet: how it works

The detox diet is a way of eating that consists of eliminating toxins accumulated in the body. Most of the time, followers eat only fruits and vegetables, with a few herbs and spices. The detox diet is adopted at the change of season, after holidays when the body has been fed with foods that are difficult to digest. The diet should only be practiced for 1 to 7 days. The best way to detox effectively is to choose good quality products, preferably organic. Many people, with their very busy schedules, are unable to prepare their diets themselves. For this reason, companies offer products that are suitable for all types of people. Indeed, cheap box diets can help more than one person. The box diets are packages offered by companies to make life easier for all those who want to diet and at the same time save their time in the kitchen. To get more ideas about these box diets, the best way is to consult the box diets reviews.

The different types of detox diets most in vogue

Methods to detoxify oneself are very diverse, and the most recommended and most used are almost all fruit and vegetable based diets. The most popular is to eat only fruit and vegetables, either whole or in juice form. The most commonly used vegetables and fruit are cucumbers, cabbage, apples, or lemon. There are also people who are on a single diet: bananas, apples, pineapples, rice, or grapes. For those who cannot deprive themselves too much, they adopt the method of simply eliminating sugar and fat. For some, they detoxify their diet by adopting the method of food supplements, i.e. taking only food supplements in the form of capsules or pills. Some prefer to drink herbal tea, while adopting the method of eating neither sugar nor fat.

What about the effectiveness of these diets?

Many are found in detox diets, and on the other hand, there are also many who accuse these diets of destroying the health of those who practice them. For those who practice it, they are very satisfied, because in addition to purifying their body, most of the time they also lose weight. This is why they feel lightness, which they translate as well-being in their body. Those who are against it are mainly afraid of the yo-yo effect, the deficiencies caused by not eating certain food groups, and also the loss of muscle mass.