According to the drug rehab Evansville,any different factors in life can become relapse triggers for different people. This can make it difficult to realize when something is a trigger sometimes. It is important to be able to recognize triggers and their effects in your life and recovery to be able to cope with and handle them appropriately.


One situation that addicts in Evansville, Indiana are struggling with as a trigger is getting sick. This is not speaking of withdrawals, but rather an illness, such as a cold or flu. While this may seem to be an odd trigger, it is one that can sneak up on individuals. Since addicts reached for drugs or alcohol to relieve their pain and problems, it can sometimes seem this is the way to solve being sick. Withdrawal can make individuals extremely sick and it tends to be quite a miserable experience. This can cause many individuals to fall back into using to make the pain and sickness of withdrawal go away for the time being. Having previously gone through this time of withdrawal, when individuals in recovery get sick, it tends to dredge up those previous feelings of sickness and the desire to use to get rid of the sickness. Another interesting possibility is that being this type of ill may be a relatively new experience for a person in recovery. Due to the fact that previously they would have used a substance to handle feeling unwell or sick, hence masking it, they may have not been sick while sober in a long time. This can make it more of a struggle to figure out the best way to handle it without compromising their sobriety.

What to Do When Sick in Recovery

There are certain things an individual who is in recovery can do when they are sick if it starts to become a trigger for them. When you become sick, it is important to take it easy if possible. Whether that be relaxing for a couple days, or needing to take a day off of obligations to feel well again. This is important to keep your sickness from being compounded with more emotions which can further trigger you. If a recovering individual who is sick has to attend work and become more stressed or emotional, it can make that trigger even worse. When emotions are at a high, try to see what you can do to step away a bit. This could include taking some time off, getting better sleep, or eating better to get yourself back into a more stable outlook. If you or a loved one have relapsed or have been struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol in Evansville, Indiana, let us assist you today. We know how difficult struggling with an addiction, as well as finding treatment can be. Our advisors are experienced and knowledgeable in the different treatment centers all around the country. We can help you find the best private inpatient center to help you or your loved one. Do not wait, call today.