Pickleball is one of the racquet games which are played with great enthusiasm in various nations.  The pickleball’s ball is just like the wiffle ball that has holes and it is small in size. It is the fun and interesting game for all the family members that can be played indoor as well as outdoors. If you are new to pickleball, then do not worry as it is very simple game and can be learnt very easily. This game is played in the court which is little bit smaller than the regular tennis court. Tennis court Similar to the tennis, badminton and other racquet games, this game also includes some rules that are needed to be followed while playing this game.

Pickleball game accessories

Pickleball racquet is slightly different from the tennis racquet. It is rigid or non compressive in order to avoid the effect of the trampoline. There are different types of pickleball racquet or pickleball paddles that are available in the market. The choice of the paddle material depends upon the player. Various types of pickleball materials include:
  • Wooden paddle: Solid wood is highly dense so thus type of pickleball paddle is hard.
  • Composite paddle: Aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or laminate is combined to form the composite material that is used for making this type of paddle
  • Granite paddle: This type of pickleball paddle is the lightest one.
Along with the pickleball paddle and pickleball ball, pickleball equipment is the pickleball net that is installed in the middle of the pickleball court such that the player stands on the either side of it. You can buy pickleball game accessories from the online store like wolfesports.com.