Losing weight is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. At the beginning, you have the motivation to do sports and to deprive yourself of certain treats. But after a while, it gets harder. Hypnosis is another way to lose weight without losing motivation. This article explains what you need to know to lose weight through hypnosis.

The relationship between weight loss and hypnosis

Hypnosis consists of entering a state of deep relaxation. During this process the level of concentration and attention is higher than in the waking state. As a result, the ability to receive changes or advice is emphasized. The person becomes very receptive, which leads to new automatisms. Studies have shown that hypnotism changes behaviors. People under hypnotism are easily influenced and can adopt positive behaviors. Hypnotism has the same effect if you want to lose weight. It changes the perception of what foods to eat and what not to eat. It can act on the subconscious mind and helps to stay on target. Therefore, it is possible to lose weight with hypnosis.

Technique or method used

Usually the therapy lasts three sessions. To begin with, the therapist creates a relationship between himself and the patient. He must know the person well in order to identify his problems. The most common technique is the ocular fixation technique. This practice consists of fixing the eyes on a luminous object until closing the eyes little by little. After that, the therapy begins. The patient is placed in a quiet room with music to help him/her relax. Lying on his back or semi-lying down the therapist gives him suggestions and talks to him in a verbal language.

What are the results?

Some people are more receptive than others and can lose weight with hypnosis. Patients with fantasies, dreamers and those with a lot of imagination are easier to hypnotize. If you belong to this type of person, you will follow your diet continuously. It will be easier for you to focus on fruits and vegetables. Likewise, for physical exercise, sports will be in your habits and you will always be motivated. On the other hand, studies show that people who lack conviction are less sensitive. If this is the case for you, the results will be less satisfactory and will take more time.