Vegetable charcoal powder is beneficial to health, it is easily integrated into culinary preparations and helps to fight against intestinal pain, heartburn, stomach cramps, bloating and generally all gastric disorders. Vegetable charcoal also has a detoxifying effect on the body.

Vegetable charcoal, an ally for health

If you do not yet know the virtues of vegetable charcoal know that it is an old remedy of grandmother to relieve all kinds of gastric disorders such as bloating, cramps, heartburn etc.... Vegetable charcoal comes in powder form with a completely neutral taste. It is also called vegetable or activated charcoal and is commonly used in medicine to treat food, chemical or drug intoxication or poisoning. By incorporating it into culinary preparations that are heavy to digest, you will see that you will not suffer from any digestive problems. The texture and taste of the dishes will not be altered and you will be able to surprise your guests with the black colour of this black powder.

Various uses

The use of black charcoal in dishes and in the kitchen, on the practical side, shows that the virtues of vegetable charcoal are numerous and surprising. Indeed, this black powder appears to be a superhero in the kitchen and it is essential to have a packet of it in the cupboard. In addition to its beneficial effects on health, you can also use it to remove unpleasant odours from the fridge, purify and mineralize water, wash fruit by removing toxic substances, whiten teeth and remove plaque when brushing. So if you are not yet convinced by the culinary use, you will be surprised by this star ingredient for practical reasons. Still, its beneficial elements on the body are numerous and vegetable charcoal acts like a sponge, pumping and removing all toxins and harmful substances in its path.

To consume without excess

To take advantage of the virtues of vegetable charcoal, it is not necessary to incorporate it into all your culinary preparations. You can very well use it from time to time when you prepare a dish that could present certain problems at the time of digestion. In phytotherapy, it is recommended to take a teaspoon away from meals to prevent gastric disorders. Preferably opt for an organic vegetable charcoal which allows you to enjoy a quality natural product.