Today's diet often contains an excess of sugars, fats and animal proteins. Natural probiotics play a vital role in intestinal balance because they allow the body to function properly. It is important to consume dietary fibres and yoghurts because these foods contribute to the diversity and balance of the intestinal flora.

The benefits of natural probiotics

Natural probiotics are beneficial for health and more particularly for the quality of the intestinal flora. Today our diet is often unbalanced and does not include enough natural probiotics such as yoghurt, fermented milk, kefir, kombucha and others. It is strongly advised to integrate in a diet, foods such as soy derivatives, fermented soy, tempey, raw sauerkraut, gherkins, olives, pickles, brewer's yeast products because these foods contain components that are beneficial for the balance of our intestinal flora. Probiotic virtues are scientifically recognized and that is why it is essential to put them on our plate every day if we want the intestinal microbiota to be healthy and diversified.

The benefits of yoghurt bacteria

If there is one food that is absolutely essential to remember when it comes to natural probiotics, it is yoghurts. The probiotic virtues of yoghurts deserve to be mentioned first because they have the power to facilitate digestion and prevent the development of intestinal disorders. A century ago, yoghurt was sold as a medicine, a miracle remedy that promotes the good health of the intestinal flora. The probiotics it contains can be combined with a variety of yeast-based micro-organisms and bacteria that are particularly beneficial to health. In general, natural probiotics are also present in cheese and fermented dairy products.

Well-being on the plate

Today, many people suffer from digestive disorders, imbalance of the intestinal flora. In many cases it is simple to remedy this without necessarily ingesting miracle capsules but rather by returning to a more balanced and healthy diet. The probiotic virtues are beyond doubt and have been recognized by scientific authorities because these microorganisms play an essential role in our immune defenses and particularly in the intestinal flora. They prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria and allow us to live in good health.