There are literally hundreds of diet plans that you can use if you want to lose weight.  So how do you decide on the diet plan that’s right for you? Some of the best diet plans are produced by weight loss organizations such as Weight Watchers.  These have the benefit of being backed by big companies with lots of research behind them so you know that you’re not trying to lose weight with some gimmicky idea that might help you get rid of a few pounds just to put it back on within weeks.  The other advantage of these kinds of diet plans is that these organizations usually offer some kind of support service or counseling and help you set goals for losing weight.  These can be powerful tools in helping you overcome the weakness for food which has probably led you to putting weight on in the first place. At the other end of the scale are diet plans which set out an absolutely strict list of foods to eat at each meal.  These can be very hard to follow, especially if they include unusual or exotic ingredients which might not always be available in your area.  It can also be a problem if you really dislike one of the foods on them and there is no acceptable substitute available.  The other problem with these is that they may be based on gimmicks that don’t really work in the long term and these are unlikely to lead to lasting weight loss. Somewhere between these two approaches are the diet plans you make for yourself.  If you need to lose weight it’s a good idea to educate yourself about nutrition, and there are plenty of resources around on the internet to help you do that.  Once you understand why you put on weight and the ways in which to lose it, you can make your own diet plans based on that knowledge and the foods you like as well as the foods that are practical for your lifestyle.  Often this may be as simple as learning which foods to avoid permanently and the healthier choices you can make to substitute for them. But the really important thing about any diet plan is that it should be something you can Diet plansstick to.  There’s no point in following a diet just for a week or two, losing a couple of pounds and then giving up.  The best diet plans are the ones you can follow for life.  This is why I believe that making your own diet plan to suit your own particular problem and the needs of your own lifestyle is the idea way because this will be tailored exactly to suit you and therefore be much easier to follow permanently.  Usually the reason we’ve put on weight is because our eating and nutrition habits need to be changed and so making our own diet plans means that we are planning a new and healthier way to eat for life.